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Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Cowlitz County offers the best our region has to offer.

There is always something to do in Cowlitz County.

Find more information on Cowlitz County events on our local Community Calendar hosted by KLOG radio.

Find Cowlitz County events on our local Community Calendar hosted by KLOG radio.

Cowlitz County Recreation Opportunities in Each of our Communities

One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

Bordered by the deep river channel of the Columbia River on the west and the Cascade Mountain Range on the east, Cowlitz County is home to technology companies, manufacturing corporations, leaders in the natural resources industry and many other thriving businesses.

Access to Infrastructure

Burlington Northern and Union Pacific/Santa Fe Railroads serve the region alongside three ports. Two of which are international shipping ports within the deep-water channel of the Columbia River, opening a direct route for domestic and Pacific Rim trade. Additionally marine development is underway at the third port. Interstate-5 bisects Cowlitz County, providing a passageway for trucking intercontinentally. Cowlitz County is home to the Southwest Washington Regional airport for small aircraft and Portland International Airport is located a short just 45 minutes away for freight and commercial use.

Access to Labor

The CEDC’s commitment to a profitable, sustainable business environment means a commitment to a skilled workforce. Cowlitz County has a diverse blend of skilled labor as well as a qualified manufacturing workforce. The training and development curriculum at Lower Columbia College also mirrors the expanding business climate. The college provides vocational and professional training in response to the business community’s employment needs. This guarantees a stable, prepared workforce now and in the future.

Access to Experts

The CEDC attracts the attention of decision-makers throughout the region, state, and country. Strategic partnerships mean corporations have access to key industry players. When answers are needed or when an introduction to an influential leader will make a difference, the CEDC can secure it. In Cowlitz County, the CEDC makes leadership accessible by providing a single point of contact from elected officials, regional and state offices, workforce experts, contractors, developers and more.

Affordable Advantage

Cowlitz County businesses also benefit from Washington state’s business friendly tax environment. There is no corporate income tax, no personal income tax, no unitary tax and no tax on dividends, interest or capital gains. In addition, there are no sales and use taxes on manufacturing machinery or equipment, including labor and installation and repair services. The CEDC can also facilitate financing packages and tax incentives, investing in those businesses that invest in Cowlitz County.

Our Communities

The CEDC creates opportunities to foster success and economic growth in Cowlitz County. With thriving communities, a strong business environment, and diverse recreational opportunities, Cowlitz County has everything and more.
Castle Rock
The CEDC promotes economic development and quality of life in our community by creating, retaining, and expanding high-quality jobs, facilitating growth, and helping provide a stable tax base and thriving economy.


Cowlitz County has a strong business environment, centrally located within Washington, with access to a range of transportation alternatives, giving your business an affordable advantage.


As the main source of industrial property in Cowlitz County, our three ports have both the infrastructure and expertise needed for successful development.  


Cowlitz County and its encompassing communities provide exemplary quality of life for individuals and families of all ages.


Cowlitz County has something for everyone - biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, boating, sports, festivals, arts, theater and so much more!